How to Make a Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

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Hello y’all! Welcome to Spring! I love all the seasons, but I definitely find that my apartment can be a little dreary sometimes without any decorations. My three roommates don’t seem to be interested in decorating much. So today, I figured I would make a spring wreath to kind of brighten the place up a little bit! This is a pretty quick and easy project and you only need a few items.

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How to Make a Quick & Easy Tulip Wreath for Spring Decorating


What You Need to Make a Spring Tulip Wreath:

DIY Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

all the stuff you need

First thing to do is clip your stems off the bush. You are going to want to have a little bit of variation where you cut the stems. Just not too short because you will be weaving the stem into the wreath for support.

DIY Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

stems clipped

Once you have clipped all the stems, start placing them on the top of the wreath. Make two full sections going outwards from the middle. Layer the flowers as you go from longest to shortest.

DIY Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

all glued down

Play with the flowers a little bit and get them placed right where you want them. Now glue those suckers down! Glue the stems to the wreath and to each other. I also glued some of the buds together to keep them from falling out of place.

Cut a few of the leaves bush off of the bush and glue them under the flowers. This gives the wreath a nice accent.

DIY Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

leaves added

Once everything is glued down and in place, get your burlap ribbon. You will take the ribbon and tie it around the wreath and then in to a knot. Then you will proceed to just make a bow! Make sure you pull it tight or it won’t look right. And there you have it!

DIY Quick & Easy Spring Tulip Wreath

all finished!

Just put a nail in the door to hang it and you are already welcoming Spring in with this beautiful, fun to make wreath!

Thanks ya’ll, happy wreath making!

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