How To Make Pretty Vintage~Look Fork Plant Markers

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How To Make Pretty Vintage Look Fork Plant MarkersDon’t you love getting new plants? You can’t wait to display them, except you have that little plastic plant marker. I don’t know about you, but I hate that plastic plant marker. It’s so ugly! So, with that in mind, I decided to look up alternative ways to pretty up my new plants!

I stumbled upon some cute looking, vintage silverware plant markers and I just knew I had to try it out.  Only, I didn’t have any vintage silverware, so I knew I would have to rough it up myself.

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How To Make Pretty Vintage Look~Fork Plant Markers


Here’s what you will need for not-so-vintage plant markers:

supplies for vintage look fork plant markers

all the supplies

First you will lay out your forks and paint a thick coat of brown paint over both front and back.

forks with brown paint for fork plant markers

first coat of paint

After that dries, you will paint over the brown with gold paint. I used a sharpie paint marker because that’s what I had available.

forks with gold paint over the brown for fork plant markers

with second coat of paint

When the paint is fully dry, you will use the sand paper to sand off the some of the paint. Don’t sand too much, you still want to be able to see the paint in the grooves of the forks to give it that “vintage look”.

fork plant markers after sanding the brown and gold paint

then you sand them

Next, you will paint (your choice of color, I chose white), the handle of the fork. Just the front side.

fork plant markers with white paint

then put on the white paint

Once that dries, you can use the sharpie to write out the plant’s name. I also used colored sharpies to add some polka dots for some added fun!

fork plant markers with plant names written on them

then name them

For the last step you will put on a coat of poly to seal the paint.

fork plant markers sealed with a coat of poly

and finished

And there you have it, fun plant markers that are easy to do!

What are your favorite plants?

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How To Make Pretty Vintage Look~Fork Plant Markers

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