Super Easy, Super Fast Sugar Body Scrub

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What girl doesn’t like a little bit of pampering now and then? I love having smooth, soft feet, but I hate the prices you have to pay for the stuff to make ’em that way! So I went online and found several recipes.

I kinda mixed and matched them and came up with this. The recipe is super easy and requires just 3 ingredients. And it’s a great use for all that white sugar that I didn’t want to eat but didn’t want to throw away! (Find out more about all that white sugar here.) I whipped up a batch in about 5 minutes.

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Super Easy, 3 ingredient, Sugar Body Scrub


Here’s what you need to make sugar body scrub:

Everything you need to pamper yourself

Everything you need to pamper yourself

I used expeller pressed coconut oil because it doesn’t have any scent. If you want it to smell like coconut use the extra virgin coconut oil. I chose to use a mixture of lavender and tea tree essential oils. They are both said to have antibacterial properties and that’s never bad. And they smell good too! You put them all in a bowl and mix well. I used a fork to cut the oil into the sugar.

Sugar and oil

Sugar and oil beginning to mingle

Keep mixing until the essential oil is well distributed. Should look a lot like this.

Well mixed

All crazy and mixed up

Then all you have to do is pack it into jars or other containers. I used these cute little 1/2 pint canning jars that I found.

I love jars!

I love jars!

Then I added a pretty ribbon and a label and, voila! 5 minute sugar scrub.

To use this scrub just dip out a teaspoon or so with your fingers and scrub, rinse, and then dry. This would be a perfect gift for pretty much any occasion, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays. It’s easy to customize-just pick out your favorite essential oil, and super easy to package.

The best part is, it’s less expensive that what you would find at the store and it doesn’t have all those chemicals and dyes! Give some a try and then come back and let me know what you think. Now if you will excuse me, I think I’ll go scrub my feet. 😉

And, because I love you, you can make some cool labels by clicking here. Just click the link, fill in the information on the label, and print on some pretty card stock. Punch a hole, add a ribbon, and you’re all set!



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