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Best Ever Venison Jerky Recipe
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Venison Jerky Recipe

Venison jerky stores well, is easy to take on hikes or camping trips, and is packed with protein. And It's great for snacking on at any time.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time4 hrs
Total Time8 hrs 5 mins
Course: Snack
Author: Cery


  • 1 venison backstrap
  • 1 15 oz bottle soy sauce I use Kikkomen
  • 1 capful liquid smoke (unless you're going to put it in the smoker which I like to do)
  • Homemade Lemon Pepper


  • If your meat is not already sliced, slice it as thinly as you can. Meat slices easier if it is partially frozen. Then let the meat thaw completely.
  • Then mix the soy sauce and the liquid smoke (if you're using it) in a large bowl and add the meat. I like to turn the meat a few times to let the sauce get all through it. If you're not using the liquid smoke, you can put in some meat and pour some of the soy sauce over it and then add more meat.
  • Now make sure the meat is submerged as much as possible. If you have too much meat for the sauce, mix up some more in the same ratio.
  • Now cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator. You need to let the meat marinade for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours.
  • Every once in a while take it out and turn the meat so that it all gets marinated evenly. After about 16 hours it will have absorbed all or most of the soy sauce mixture.
  • Option 1: Smoking If you didn't use the liquid smoke and you want to put it in the smoker here's what I do. Get a piece of parchment paper and put some of the meat in the middle a few layers deep.
  • Now, pull the longer ends up together and fold them over several times til you get down to the meat.
  • Then take the unfolded ends and fold them up on each side.
  • And then take a skewer or sharp fork and poke holes all over it. Top, sides, and bottom.
  • Then load them into the smoker. Just have it hot enough to make smoke. I usually smoke it for about an hour and then bring it in and put it into the dehydrator.
  • Option 2: Dehydrating The second option is to just put it directly into the dehydrator. Lay it out on the trays so that it's not overlapping other pieces.
  • Then sprinkle a liberal amount of the lemon pepper all over it.
  • Then put it into the dehydrator and turn it on. If yours has a thermostat set it at 155°F. After a few hours I usually turn it over.
  • Depending on the dehydrator you have, you may need to swap the trays around to maintain an even heat. I also consolidate the meat into fewer trays as it dries because it shrinks.
  • Your venison jerky is finished when it's leathery but still pliable. The drying time will depend on how thick the meat is, the humidity level, and the temperature of your dehydrator. It could take as little as 4 hours, and up to 12 or more.
  • After it’s dried, let it cool and then put it in an airtight container.


The jerky has enough salt in it from the soy sauce to keep well for a few weeks. But for longer storage I seal it with my FoodSaver and put it in the freezer.