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Learn how to select, prepare, and safely preserve fruit, salsa, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, and heat & eat meals like Chili and Beef & Veggie Soup.

I want you to feel like you’re here in my kitchen with me as you go through this Home Canning eBook Bundle and make the transformation from nervous newbie to confident canner!

If You Are:

Someone that likes the idea of becoming more self reliant, but aren’t sure quite where to start;

Someone that wants to have food storage, but you want real food, not cardboard food in cardboard boxes;

Someone that wants to be able to take advantage of the significant money savings by buying in bulk when things are on sale;

Or someone that just doesn’t want to waste your harvest when you and your family can’t eat it all;

Then you are in the right place!

One of the major steps to being more self reliant, is having some sort of food storage.

And to have real food in storage, one of the skills you need to cultivate is home canning.

Home canning is a skill that you can practice for a lifetime, using the same equipment you started with. And it’s a skill that you can pass on to younger generations so they, too, can benefit from real food storage.

What Will You Learn?

Introducing the Home Canning Bundle

Here's what you'll get:

The Basics of Waterbath Canning

The Basics of Pressure Canning

The Home Canning Journal


For a limited time I’ll include my eBook, Fail Proof Sourdough Basics, to help you further on your way to less dependence on the grocery store.
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Home Canning Bundle

Everything you need to get started today!
$ 34
  • The Basics of Waterbath Canning - $29 value
  • The Basics of Pressure Canning - $29 value
  • Home Canning Journal - $19 value
  • BONUS - Fail Proof Sourdough Basics - $7 value

This digital eBook bundle will take the mystery out of filling your pantry shelves with delicious food that is shelf stable and ready to eat. AND will help you keep track of what you have on hand so nothing is wasted!

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