Cooking From The Canning Pantry ~ Ground Beef Edition

Cookbook Cover

So you have a pantry full of home canned ground meat. Now what?

I was right there a few years ago myself.

There’s only so many times you can serve tacos and spaghetti in a week before the family starts to rebel!

You need easy, delicious recipes to use canned ground meat. And they have to be fast and convenient to make!

Here are 10 of my favorite fast, easy, & delicious home canned ground beef recipes!

This cookbook allows you to grab a jar or 2 from the pantry and have dinner on the table in around 30 minutes.

No worries about frozen meat!

A selection of recipes including soups, sandwiches, casseroles, and quiche!

All the recipes are fast, easy, and delicious!

2 BONUS recipes!

Having this cookbook in your collection will keep you out of a ground beef recipe rut!

sample pages from hamburger ebook

This Canned Ground Beef Cookbook includes: